Project Summary:

    Set in the vast rolling green fields of Cornwall’s countryside, BMD were assigned to the project to deliver this beautiful house. Cornwall is a fair distance from the factory where the construction takes place but this was a opportunity not to be missed.

    The main house boasted a 30.5m² kitchen/dinner, 18m² living room, 10m² snug, three bedroom, three bathroom and a extremely impressive entrance hall with a bespoke hardwood curtain wall system that flooded light into both ground and first floor.

    The link and Annex added further 50m² footprint to the building with a 12m² bedroom, 6m² en-suite, 20m² kitchen/living space with a 3m bi-fold door system which gave views to the open fields at the rear of the property and a 12m² entrance/storage hall.

    Structure and materials:

    The external cladding used for this project was western red cedar and a natural stone. Our system was delivered as usual to site but there was no need to pre-install the cladding to the external wall panels. The external wall panels were finished with insulation, breather membrane and battens (where needed for the cedar). Once the walls were installed, the natural stone cladding could start to be applied by others. This was a long process but well worth the wait.

    The size of the building was prefect for keeping the structure simple. Due to most the structural elements being timber, the erection took as little as 6 days.


The manufacturing of the components were approached like any other project. The natural stone was something new but gave us a quicker lead time in the factory as this was all to be done on-site and could begin as soon as the ground floor was erected.


External finishes

This was not our usual external brick slip system. The client wanted a natural stone finish, local to the area, to clad the majority of the property which meant a cavity gap between the the external skin and the timber frame had to introduced.

Western Red cedar was the contrasting material and clads the first floor, drawing the eye around the building and Ral 7016 aluminium windows helps given a modern feel to a traditional looking dwelling.