Project summary:

    To create a sculptural installation that becomes an intervention, a space, a platform, a shelter, a look-out for a series of artist’s residencies to take place. The intervention will be designed through a competition that encourages collaborations between artists, architects and engineers and students.


    Could be movable, flexible, made up of multiple structures, mobile and transportable, containing multiple zones, created from new materials, incorporating sustainable/recycled materials, able to fit on a specified trailer size, through access gates and under road bridges etc.


The design team consists of four young architecture graduates from London, Charlotte Knight, Mina Gospavic, Ross Galtress & Lauren Shevills and Devon based artist Edward Crumpton. As friends from school Edward invited Charlotte to collaborate on the competition. Charlotte in turn introduced Edward to the rest of the team, who all met through Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios where they currently work. The team holds a strong ethos in designing sustainably and taking great care in material selection, which can be likened to the practices manifesto.


Should the artist(s) be allowed to change the structure/space on a temporary or permanent basis. Should the interior of the structure ne refreshed after each residency or allowed to evolve. Can the artists leave a mark/trace on the structure? Is there a budget for each location that allows the artists to physically change and personalize the space? Is this achieved through modular components that can be added or removed?